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The Qlink Story

The Q-Link emerges from a new paradigm in science. Our founders came of age as scientists attempted to model the strange world of the quantum universe, which contains observations that defy common sense such as probability clouds and the virtual emptiness of all matter. Some of these insights from quantum physics led to a deeper understanding of the biofield and subtle energies, which mirrored teachings from Chinese medicine and Eastern disciplines. These insights proved foundational for the Q-Link, one of the only applications to harness these emerging sciences for consumer use.

The Q-Link's founders began their work that led to the Q-Link in the 1980s by creating ways to store information and emit fields through integrating subtle energy dynamics with modern electronics. Early prototypes, they discovered, could affect the rate of growth in plants, improve water, and even enhance audio systems. Further experiments confirmed positive effects on chemical systems. They then reasoned that the technology surely would affect the most complicated bio-chemical system of all – a human being.

Their journey led to scientists like Professor William Tiller, a world expert and material scientist at Stanford University, who took prototypes and created double-blind studies of his own. The results were very promising. In 1991, Clarus was born as a company, designed to translate the early prototypes of Sympathetic Resonance Technology™into a powerful family of consumer products, led by the Q-Link.

What takes strokes off golf games, gives athletes a competitive advantage, and relieves stress from EMF (electromagnetic fields)? According to the people who wear them, it's the QLink Pendants from Clarus with Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ (SRT™). They also report that these personal life-enhancing products help them be more energized, focused and balanced.

Both alternative and traditional doctors have tested the Clarus QLink Pendants and report that they neutralize the EMF stress effects from computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.

Athletes say that the QLink Pendants keeps them in that centered state called "The Zone". Runners say wearing a QLink Pendant increases their endurance and gives them a competitive edge.

As the complexity and stresses of modern life increase, the QLink Pendants are fast becoming the product of choice for those people who value performance and optimal well-being.

All you have to do to experience these benefits is to wear one.


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Q-Link Sleek Easy Gray SRT-3 Pendant

Q-Link Sleek Easy Gray SRT-3 Pendant

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