Intensive Detox Retreat Plan

(Runs every week Monday to Friday)

Are you short on time and want quick results? Maybe you're ready for some rest, rejuvenation and stress release. It could be life has been getting in the way of you taking care of yourself as well as you could and you really need some time out to focus on your wants and needs for a change.

When you're wanting something deeper, more beneficial. than simply a beach holiday, a detox break could be exactly what your body is crying out for right now.

Our western world can be demanding cant it?  Don’t you find that when you are tired, stressed, and worn down, you tend to turn to the wrong types of food and drink and stimulants such as sugar, chocolate, coffee and alcohol. They offer the quick fix that we seek, but ultimately we are only borrowing energy, however like all borrowing, there is payback - and it always costs more to borrow.

A detox is a very powerful and effective way to get you back on track quickly and effectively. It is a re-boot, a re-charge, a chance to clear the decks and begin again, - this time more mindfully.

If you want to ensure that you are well looked after, by professionals that know what they are talking about and seek a beautiful dedicated venue to relax and let go for a while, - then here we are. Its what we are about and what we love to do.

Homefield is set in 23 acres of Northamptonshire countryside. Nothing hired, nothing borrowed - here all year, with a professional team to meet your every need.

Changes take support and inspiration. You need to know the right stuff to succeed. Let us help you achieve your goals for more energy, weight loss, better digestion, younger looking skin and a lighter mind and body.


Come and chat with one of our practitioners on arrival so we can support your wants and goals during your stay. We can also give you specific information on your weight, biological age, BMI, blood pressure, fat percentage, bone density and skeletal weight. To make positive change, you need to know exactly where you’re starting from.

Did you know the liver is one of the most important organs for detox, weight loss, blood cleansing and the processing of toxins.  Sit in our infra red sauna daily to support this essential, hard working organ.

A simple way to boost your detox experience is hydration.  We provide purified mineral water and organic Pukka herbal teas.  The body is made up of 75%, so to say that hydration is vital to good health is imperative.

We are not only a juicing retreat.  You have options.  With our guidance you can chose the best detox experience for your body.  You have the option of juice fasting, power smoothies, or natural plant based healthy food to complement your week.  No additional charge.

Supplements to help you throughout the process will be offered during the day.  So many of us are walking around deficient in certain minerals and vitamins. Combined with the right juice/or food/or smoothie, you will be feeling restored and balanced in no time.

Your short and long term success is a real focus for Homefield.  Let our chef show you recipes for super charged healthy meals, great breakfast ideas, smoothie making.  You will feel confident and secure in the “how to” bit.
How many books on diet, wellness and nutrition are sitting on your shelves at home? Confusing isn’t it?  Our daily talks will separate fact from fiction. We can help you understand your body’s needs better, so you can feel certain in making the right choices.

No groaning, we make the movement & exercise sessions, fun, informative and suitable for everyone.  Each day (Tues-Sat) relax at our yoga class, do some meditation to relax that mind of yours, tone those muscles in our Fit For Life Class.  The Nordic Walking through beautiful Northamptonshire countryside helps you let go, find yourself and uncover the new you. For you gym bunnies we have a treadmill, inversion board, cross trainer, water cycle, rower, TRX system, rebounders, free weights, DVD's for your own practice time in the studio area.  The best bit, you do as much or as little exercise as you want to!

“You’re our VIP” - clients tell us that they love coming back to Homefield because of its home from home feel. Our stylish and welcoming bedrooms are equipped with hairdryers, dressing gowns, toiletries, Egyptian cotton sheets, plasma TV’s, free WIFI.  Rooms are serviced daily. 

A huge array, (at additional cost) of detoxing, weight loss and pampering therapies await you.  Select from a live blood analysis, or a cleansing colonic hydrotherapy, or a hypnotherapy session, or find out what foods suit you with our intolerance testing.

When its time to go home, lets have a final health review and a pep talk at your going home check out.  Its our mission to help you stay on track for good!

Give us a ring to book, discuss dates and to answer any of your questions in person. Our reception is open 7 days a week, 9.00am to 4.00pm. Leave us a message if you get the answering machine, we will get back to you. Look forward to helping you on your journey!

Call 004-0352-802678, email, or contact us.